AndonBoard Project

Here you can find informations about my current project status. I started study the possibilities of this project in january 2000, however I live in Brazil and the components necessary to start the first step of it arrived only in july. My first "subproject" started in july. It consisted in creating a flash memory programmer. It was concluded in two weeks. This flash memory programmer can work in any PC with a standard parallel port (SPP) and DOS or Windows OS. The control software was developed on DJGPP (a free C/C++ compiler for DOS).

After that, I've started the second step, building a basic single computer board without interrupts, just a single parallel I/O. It was developed in a month. Now my single computer board has a 16 bit parallel I/O and interrupt features (it can recognize 7 interrupts). The next step will be the building of the alphanumeric module.

The alphanumeric module was concluded in february 2001. It can display any ASCIIZ string that could be stored in the 128KB RAM of the single computer board.

This picture shows the full system at this moment, with the flash programmer.

In this picture you can see the numeric modules. They can display numbers from -999 to 999. Now, I'm going to start the network interface.

The full system, with the ethernet 10baseT card.

The final look.

Project Status: concluded (dec/2001).

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