In this section I'll put source code and programs that I guess be usefull for students or hobbysts. You can use the source freely, but you need to mention author's name.

Assembly Language  
client.asm A simple client file transfer program over a RS232 port. Requires server.asm.
server.asm A simple server file transfer program over a RS232 port. Requires client.asm.
chat.asm A chat program over a RS232 port.
Operational Research This program implements the transport algorithm. It was developed on VC5.0. It implements the simplex algorithm. It was developed on VC5.0.
Game Programming Labirinth Game developed on basic. no src.
labirintinstall.exe Labirinth Game developed on Basic. no src. Self Extract.
Graphic Programming Bezier Curve implemented in Visual C++ 5.0 2D tranformations implemented in Visual C++ 5.0 Stereoscopic image, back face removal and projections. Source code: Visual C++ 5.0
Basic Programming  
biblio.bas This library has functions as EditBox, PasswordBox and more. For QuickBasic4.5.
mouse.bas Use the mouse under QuickBasic4.5 in text or VGA mode.
modem.bas Terminal program with ansi support. Requires modemlib.bas. For QuickBasic4.5.
modemlib.bas The modem library needed by modem.bas and simplete.bas. For QuickBasic4.5. Really good if you would like to build a BBS system!
sterm.bas A simple terminal program for QuickBasic4.5. Requires modemlib.bas.
phone2.bas PhoneCad - a simple agenda program for QuickBasic4.5.
Prolog Programming This program implements lists and other functions in prolog.
Multimedia Database Multimedia Database (time limited!!!).
Distributed Systems  
profibus.pdf Profibus Protocol (time limited!!!).
Internet Programming Scan openned TCP/IP ports. Visual Basic 5.0 src.

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