There are many links for programming resources and pages of my friends. If you found a broke link or you would like to put a link to your website here (under evaluation), please contact me.

Programming Friends
DJGPP - Free 32bits C/C++ compiler for DOS Alexandre Higo personal page
NASM - Free assembler SAVAGE - Marcos Nomiso
NASM IDE - Editor para NASM Luciana Haga personal page
FREE PASCAL - Free 32bits Pascal compiler Fuinhas do Bar - really fun!!! go Bar!!!
Ralf Brown's Files - Interrupt list and programms MasterOfMetal - about Metallica, by Mauro KH
Matt Kruse's Perl Scripts - Free perl scripts TemDeTudu HP - very funny!!!
  Jobas HP - Zigomar's page (yes it's right, "Zigomar"!!!) - no comments!!!
  Luiz Pirollo personal page
  Ronaldo personal page

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