Hi, my name is Claudio Eduardo Storti Lago. I was a student of State University of São Paulo (UNESP - Brazil) in the Computing Science course. I've started computer programming when I was 12 years old, nowadays I'm 23. In this period I've learned many things as game programming, graphic programming, hardware design and others. Now, I'm working at Electronic Data Systems (EDS) with Java (application and web services), C and Visual Basic.  I like sports, my preference is swimming (I've started swimming when I was 4 years old). I hope you enjoy this site. If you would like to know where I lived in Bauru click here! (You must have a VRML pluggin, get one at Cosmo Software).


  • Assembly Language (x86, Motorola 68k, PIC)
  • ASP, Basic, Visual Basic
  • Pascal, Delphi
  • C, C++, C for Windows, Visual C++
  • CGI, PHP
  • Java2 - Application and Web Services
  • JavaScript, HTML
  • SQL, Oracle
  • Game Programming
  • Graphics Programming
  • Data Acquisition Systems

You can find me at ICQ:14329731

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